Top 4 tips for using Facebook groups

Top 4 tips for using Facebook Groups

Here are my four top tips for using Facebook Groups

1. Read the rules

Before you start posting read the rules of the group. Basically how the admin of the group would like you to conduct yourself. These rules could be found in a few places:

  • In the cover page at the top of the group
  • In the description
  • In a pinned post at the top of the group

2. Tagging someone in a post

If you tag someone into a post in a group and their name is greyed out that means they are not a member of the group. Remember to add them to the groupĀ beforeĀ you tag them in a post. They won’t be able to see your post until they do if the group is closed or secret

3. Post an intro

If you are new to a group, post an intro, basically tell the group who you are and how you found the group e.g. whether you found the group via the search function or someone invited you into the group and what knowledge you expect to gain from being a member of the group.

4. Engagement

Once you’ve posted your intro, engage with other members:

  • Help them out with any issues they may have
  • Like and comment on posts
  • Share your knowledge

Leave a comment below with your tips for using Facebook groups. I look forward to reading them

Take Care


Youtube Channel

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well.

I have now setup a dedicated YouTube channel for all my business related videos.

On this channel I’ll be sharing tips, tricks and tutorials all centred around social media and blogging.

Please take a moment to visit the link below and subscribe:

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Not good for business


Many bang on about what is “good for business.”

In this blog I’m going to tell you what I think is bad for business and it can undermine everything that you have ever built.

Do not take to social media and “badmouth” another business.

Even worse when a business goes through a troubled time whether it be change of management, technical issues, there are some people who were involved in the business have decided for what ever reason that they no longer want to affiliate themselves with that business.

Unfortunately some people make the fatal mistake of bashing the company they’ve decided to stop promoting, or they start to mock it and take to social media to tell everyone their disdain at that company.

If you perceive yourself to be a leader and you find yourself in a position that you feel is untenable and you no longer feel comfortable promoting a certain business. Be gracious and keep your mouth shut and move on.

Until the next time

Peace Out