MAP becomes TAP


Let’s get straight to it.

Over the weekend the 3rd Anniversary of MyAdvertisingPays took place. Mike Deese the CEO of MAP (MyAdvertisingPays) was guest of honour and he laid out the future of MAP in 2017.

Whilst I wasn’t there myself, some awesome updates were released by some of those in attendance.

One of the biggest announcements (if I read into the announcement correctly). MAP from January 3rd 2017 is going to be known as “The Advert Platform” (TAP).

Which is awesome news and it looks like big things are going to happen in 2017.

I’m not going to discuss the legal case that MAP has launched against its previous payment processor/gateway as I have already made my thoughts known and there have already been several updates posted.

No doubt this is going to send those who do not like the type of business MAP/TAP is and it will send those individuals into meltdown. But hey less focus on those people and let’s look to the future.

If you’re interested click the image at the top of the page to find out more and to open your FREE no obligation account.


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