Electroneum – What Next?

Whats next for Electroneum?

If you didn’t already know just recently, a couple of days ago in fact, the ICO for Electroneum the UKs 1st ever ICO centred around the gaming industry reached its hard cap of $40m so token sales were closed well before the 31st October deadline.

You can still read the white paper which gives an overview here:


This is very good news as it shows how much momentum was behind the ICO and how popular it appears to be.

Now what is next for Electroneum?

Now that the token sale is over, the next move for Electroneum from the 1st November is to be listed on the cryptocurrency exchanges. This is not going to be overnight job, we have to play the waiting game for it to be listed. But that does not mean sit round and do nothing.

So what does that mean for us that has put money into the token sale?

What it means is we do not sit back and wait.

We need to keep making people aware of Electroneum by sharing the updates from their social profiles.

If we keep Electroneum in peoples minds the more likely more people will buy the coins for sale on the exchanges, thus raising the price in the process.