Take a long hard look in the mirror

Take a hard long look in the mirror.

Do you have the mindset to make an income online?

I don’t mean small beans, I mean a huge amount of money that would make your head spin?

Talking about head spinning, once you do start to make a shed ton of money online, do have the mental strength to deal with it?

Which person are you?

1. You get giddy with excitement, you withdraw the lot from your primary business, blow it on the “high life” and then end up back at square one.


2. You’re excited with the amount of money you’re earning, you’re cool headed enough to take some of that money and create additional income streams with it.

I’m telling you now, if you’re person 1, you are going to really, really struggle unless you can change your mindset.

Electroneum – What Next?

Whats next for Electroneum?

If you didn’t already know just recently, a couple of days ago in fact, the ICO for Electroneum the UKs 1st ever ICO centred around the gaming industry reached its hard cap of $40m so token sales were closed well before the 31st October deadline.

You can still read the white paper which gives an overview here:


This is very good news as it shows how much momentum was behind the ICO and how popular it appears to be.

Now what is next for Electroneum?

Now that the token sale is over, the next move for Electroneum from the 1st November is to be listed on the cryptocurrency exchanges. This is not going to be overnight job, we have to play the waiting game for it to be listed. But that does not mean sit round and do nothing.

So what does that mean for us that has put money into the token sale?

What it means is we do not sit back and wait.

We need to keep making people aware of Electroneum by sharing the updates from their social profiles.

If we keep Electroneum in peoples minds the more likely more people will buy the coins for sale on the exchanges, thus raising the price in the process.

FutureAdPro how can it benefit me?

Join futurenet today

I originally posted this over on Facebook and I thought I would share it here if you do not like the idea of heading over there, I’ll go into why you should be using Facebook in another post.

So without further ado here we go:

I bet you’re looking at FutureAdPro and thinking to yourself that you don’t have a website or a product to promote.

I bet you’ve got a dusty old blog that you haven’t used in a while, why not dust it off add some really good content to it and then advertise that?

If you don’t have your own product, no problem, plenty of places you can get products from:

Promote an affiliate offer from JV Zoo, Click Bank, Commission Junction etc.. then advertise your affiliate link on FutureAdPro.

Now if you already have a business, you don’t just have to promote affiliate links. See below:

1. If you have an amazon FBA business, promote the links to your listings on FutureAdPro.

2. Got a Shopify store? Same as Amazon, advertise the link on FutureAdPro.

4. Got an ebay store? Guess what? Advertise the link on FutureAdPro.

Got a bricks and mortar store? No problem, you can still take advantage. With a bit of clever thinking.

I’ll go into that last point in another post.

Click the link below to join today: